21 Days of STT Healing - Participate in Daily Spontaneous Transformation Sessions Creating Core Pattern Healing For Accelerated Transformation (Digital Mp3 Audio & Transcript Downloads)

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My life's process helped me to discover true healing not just for myself but for all.
Maybe it was to learn and share that there is a REALLY GOOD REASON WHY life is the way it is for me and you. STT has a remarkable extra benefit of revealing the real reasons behind your behavior. You know the ways you act that have you scratching your head saying, "why on earth did I do that?!?" 
Well, STT not only shows you why you reacted those ways, but reveals how to finally stop that reaction and move into a completely renewed vibration, a new state of mind. And this new state creates a capacity to create your life from a completely healed place, which, in turn, establishes real solutions as well as new ways of doing and seeing what is.
Grace, love, compassion are suddenly part of your daily experience. You move from need, "have to," and bracing against life, into grace, flow, confidence and trust.
This is your chance to play for 21 days in this deep healing to create real, genuine change, shifting your core issues, the ones that, prior to this moment, were beyond your conscious understanding.
Get ready to truly unwind these core beliefs and patterns and fundamentally and profoundly heal. PLUS 21 Days is proven by neurologists to create real and permanent change. This library of deep and profound healing transformation is here for you to use over and over again whenever life throws challenges your way.  You now have the most proven healing accelerant in your toolbox to use when you need it most.