22 Tracks of Sound Vibration Acoustical Healing Chakra Clearing & Balancing (Digital Downloads)

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A couple of decades ago, I was at a very challenging time in my life.

I had chronic fatigue and illness.

I had come out of an extremely challenging childhood, lost, closed off and confused.

I had multiple injuries and was in constant pain.

I was trying to heal, and I was deep into alternative therapies.

While there was progress happening with these various processes I was learning, something quite spontaneous and miraculous happened.

I was in the tub and I suddenly channeled out a deep and penetrating tone... a single note that shook every part of me awake.

And I instantly felt better!

Then I started to experiment with it and noticed different tones and the way I moved my mouth had different healing characteristics.

Eventually I then started to play with songs... and the acoustical healing and anchoring Sound Vibration Soul Song was born.

When I would listen to these healing encoded songs I could feel the Sound Vibration penetrating and healing.

I could feel these songs embrace my physical, emotional and mental bodies and create a strength there, and potency within... a tighter weave of the new healed patterns I was creating through my healing journey.

AND, I knew, that I was on to something here.

Fast forward to starting my healing company and creating this profound Chakra Healing product that has since become one of my most popular and proven programs ever.

I've been so blessed to have helped thousands just like you achieve real transformation through sound vibration.

These Sound Vibration Soul Songs are THE FORMULA for opening, clearing and balancing... and they are here for you now in this powerful and unique 22 track package.

These are designed specifically to open and clear you, to balance your hormones, calm your reactions and emotions and support your physical emotional and mental bodies in healing. Just pop one of these special audios in to change your vibration, mood, and wellbeing in an instant and get ready for the BEST YOU ever.

I believe this your moment to create a foundation for the healthiest most balanced version of you.

I believe you have called this moment forward to ignite health and wellbeing.